Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pattern: Super-Easy Rolled Crochet Hook Case

I needed a crochet hook case. I wanted one that was quick and easy, so I could get on with making things for other people. I looked around and found a lot of beautiful crochet hook cases, but nothing that was quick, simple, or big enough for my purposes. I am almost embarrassed to post this because it's so simple, but I guess it could maybe help someone, someday. I would advise using this pattern for inspiration, and then make it your own. If you do happen to use this pattern, please send me a link or a picture.

This pattern has not been tested. If you find some mistakes, please let me know. If something is confusing, I'd be more than willing to clarify for you. Click on a picture to make it bigger.

Worsted Weight Yarn, I used some ugly stuff hidden in a bag of yardsale yarn
size H crochet hook (or smaller if you crochet loosely)

Step 1, Make a rectangle.
Row 1: Ch 44, Sc in second Ch from hook and in each Ch across. Ch 1, turn
Row 2: Sc in each Sc across, Ch 1, turn
Repeat row 2 until you have
10 rows more than twice the number of crochet hooks you want to keep in the case. ( 30 rows for a set of 10 hooks, 34 for a set of 12, etc..) Fasten off.

Step 2, Fold over the ends
Fold up about 8 stitches perpendicular to the rows to make a pocket, so the ends of the rows meet themselves about 16 stitches higher. Fasten onto the crease with a slip stitch. Sc up the side of the pocket, making sure to crochet through both the upper and lower row. When you reach the end of the pocket, continue to Sc up the side of the case until 16 stitches from the other end, then crochet both rows together again. Fasten off. Repeat with the other side.

Step 3, Hold the hooks in place
Hold your crochet hook case upside down, so you see the side without pockets. Does one side look better than the other? Which side do you want to see when it's rolled up? Work on the side you like less. With your case pockets-side up again, notice how there are grooves every two rows. Fasten on with a Ch around the post of a stitch near the middle of the groove nearest the edge. *Ch 2, Sl St around the post of a stitch in the next groove* across the middle of the space between pockets, leaving the last 8 rows unworked. There should be as many Ch2 spaces as there are hooks for the case. Fasten off.

Step 4, Make it stay closed
There are several ways you could chose to close the case, you could sew on a few buttons or some ribbon, or you could crochet a few ties to keep it closed. Roll the case up, decide where the ties would look good. Fasten on to a stitch on the outside row, ch 20 (or more if your crochet hook case is bigger.) Sc in the second Ch from the hook and in each Ch down. Sc in the stitch next to where you fastened on. Ch 20 again, Sc in the second Ch from the hook and in each Ch down. Join with Sl St in your fastening on st. Fasten off.
Repeat for second tie.

Weave in ends, put your hooks in, take a picture, and send it to me!


  1. oooh i want to make one! all of my hooks are currently in a plastic sandwich bag.

  2. It doesnt take too long to make, and it's so nice not to have to dump the whole thing out to find just one hook.
    Good luck making it!

  3. [this is good] I made one of these it took me 3 hours. It's sooo easy, looks good and useful too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am glad you liked it! If you choose to post it to your blog, I would love to see it.
    Good luck with all your crocheting endeavors!

  5. Thank you for your pattern. I used it as a base for the one I made. I only made a few changes. Here are links to pictures of it.

  6. @Mstans2

    Thank to for the links, it turned out gorgeous!

  7. Thank you so much! I teach a crochet class and they wanted to make a case I am using this pattern as reference :)

  8. Hi!
    This was just the thing for me; you can see my photo here:


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