Monday, October 8, 2007

THINGS #1 - Gray Kitty


There seems to be a vast dearth of  internet information about people making the Annie's Attic Purr-sonality cats. My
plan is to make three cats with two outfits each, for my little sisters for Christmas. The pattern says to use a sports drink bottle for the body, but that is anti-snuggly so  I am using fluff.

-Picture 1. Here we see Gray Kitty sans tail. I had to decrease my hook size twice on the tutu so she wasn't swimming in it, and then I felt the skirt was too short. Her ears are lined with the afore-mentioned silver furry yarn, and look like some bizarre old-lady wig. The reason she has no tail is because the silver furry yarn is impossible to work with.

-Picture 2. Here Gray Kitty still has no tail. I added a row of cathedral edging from the charitable ladies at, which adds a petal-like appearance to the tutu. I added ribbons as directed in the pattern, but chose to leave out the flowers because I thought they looked too busy. I completely redid her ears, lining them with white eyelash yarn instead. I have started her tail in white too, but I would like to finish it in a gray eyelash yarn that matches the rest of her body.

-Picture 3. How she looks on the pattern book. I apologize for the poor quality image, But I have no scanner and my camera isn't very good.


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