Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bah! Humbug! (also holiday dinner menu)

If left to my own devices, I don't think I would end up celebrating the holiday.
But my Tyler really wants to celebrate it... in a low-key way.
So... since I am completely broke, I crocheted a tree. I used this pattern from Planet M as inspiration, but made it twice as big and complicated! At first I was just going to leave it plain, but it looked like a green arrow, so I added some garland in white and red. Now it is an unmistakeable holiday tree.
If anyone is interested in the pattern I used, I could probably be convinced to write it up and add it to the blog.
It's more square than it looks in this picture. The corner is just curled up.

For the Day itself, I have a menu planned. Is there ever a holiday where I don't have a menu planned?

Pull-apart cake
Hot Chocolate

Leftover breakfast and mixed nuts

Slow roasted leg of lamb with
carrots and potatoes
Baked sweet potatoes
seared baby bok choy
Apple Pie?

So, despite my Grinchy nature, that's my plan for the upcoming holiday. 


  1. I would love to get the patern for that tree ita amasing. and your menu sounds awesome you just cant beet lamb and sweet potatos and pulapart cake. We are all exited to see you guys at home. love ya flaca

  2. @Pacharuna

    I'm looking forward to coming home too!
    I'll add the pattern, but since when do you crochet?


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