Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pretty Soup

I was sick to my stomach this evening, so I decided that my soup had to be pretty... just to coax myself to actually eat anything. This is a chicken/miso soup with rice noodles and mushrooms, topped with cilantro and carrot flowers.
It was pretty good, for being thrown together.
I like adding carrot flowers to my food now and then. It's not so hard to make them. I think it's easier if you soften the carrot a little first. I tossed it into the pot of broth until it came to a full boil, then fished it out, rinsed it in cold water, and made the flowers. I have also used a similar method to make carrot hearts and stars.
My attempts at other shapes have failed.
Up next, I think I'm going to share how I make homemade Tempeh. It's like ALCHEMY!

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