Monday, January 14, 2008

Anteater Purse


Sometimes, I crochet something, and when it obviously isn't turning out how I want it, I just keep going. This is one of those times.
First: the colors. Belch. Why am I cursed to be unable to find black yarn? I could feel pieces of soul dieing as I crocheted with the pastel green. I am not a pastels girl. Luckily, my little sister liked the color.
Second: the entire head area. Clearly something went very wrong. this is not a panda. It looked something like an owl until I made the snout, turning it into a sort of anteater. Luckily again, my sister thinks it's one of the cutest things ever. She actually took it to school (7th grade) and said that people were crazy about it.
Clearly, the color problem is easily solved, I just buy some black yarn, but I really dont know how I can make a head for it that looks like a panda head.

Tune in next time for blue monkeys!


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