Wednesday, January 16, 2008



My littlest sister, (age 9) asked me to make her a wallet, after I made the Anteater. So I looked at some patterns with her and made up the Flower-Wallet in a few hours.
When I was done, my littlest brother (age 6) asked me to make him a wallet, showing me a handful of change he wanted to store in it.  It didnt take long to convince him that a small boy-purse would be better for it, and he helped me chose the yarn too. He immediately liked the fuzzy white yarn, and I thought a faux-sheepskin look would be good. It's quite small, so it only took half an hour to make.
I thought it looked medieval, my mother thought it looked scottish, a friend said it looked very "robin hood", and the kid likes it very much, so I guess it's a success.
Next time, tune in for green ballerinas (and maybe blue monkeys after that)


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