Monday, June 16, 2008

Project Dump

It's been a while, a productive while, since I posted. I have a backlog of blog.
So here goes.
Let's start with something cute. The alien family. They came to earth to explore it's rich viral biodiversity with some friends they are expecting to arrive any day. They chose to stay in my town because it's high in the mountains and their beacon equipment will more easily guide their friends in, then they plan to travel to the New York City underground, and the polar ice caps to observe viruses in action.
... it takes all kinds, I guess.

Next, Let's go to a failed project. I mentioned I was thinking about a schoolgirl ami. She didn't work out very well at all, and all the little french knots for her hair took two days.

Let's clean that out of our mouths with the infamous BLUE MONKEY! yes, I finished it! And it's cute.

I also made a baby, with three blankets and a bottle, for my little cousin.

My alien family's friends showed up, and they were amused to pose for a picture taken with my quaint little camera. I thought their pet, picked up on a planet on the way, was very cute.


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