Monday, September 15, 2008

Long time, no Sea

I have made Amigurumi!

Aliens twinsAliensBlue Aliens

I have been concidering trying to sell the pattern for these cat-thing aliens to a magazine or something. They're pretty cute, or at least my younger sisters tell me so.

Also, I am traveling. The goal is to reach New Hampshire from California. Thus far it has taken me two weeks to get 14 hours drive from my starting point, but I've seen more than Nevada on the way.
StarfishPoe and ocean

I saw the ocean from northern California to northern Washington. My dog got to meet the ocean as well. He liked it.
Hanna and RedwoodsContinental divide

I also got to visit the redwoods (click on the picture to be able to see me) and the continental divide in Glacier National Park. I didn't see much else in Glacier because there were lots of edges, so I spent the car trip curling into a little ball, covering my eyes, and making small whimpering noises.
That's all for now. I must soon leave this place as well and travel NorthEast, possibly through Yellowstone.
Who Knows? The designated driver and I certainly don't.


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