Monday, October 10, 2011

It rises from the ashes of the forsaken blog! Pithale! Deliciousness!

Let's just ignore the fact that I suddenly and for no reason abandoned this blog, k? I'm back now, however temporarily. And I have food.
Pithale. A chickpea flour curry. Yummy. 
Recently, in cleaning out the kitchen, I discovered an unopened bag of chickpea flour a former housemate had abandoned. A quick googling told me it was useful for gluten-free baking and Indian food. Googling for Indian recipes that use chickpea flour lead me to one hot stove's pithale recipe (check out Nupur's blog, it's awesome!) I basically used the recipe as given but without the curry leaves, with green onions and a little red pepper so I felt I was also eating vegetables.
This recipe is also awesome in that 3tbsp of chickpea flour and some aromatics made too much curry for me to eat on my own. I would guess, all told, this meal cost only a few cents. It was delicious, nutritious, vegan, colorful, and satisfying.


  1. @mamita
    Oh you knew that already! We were just talking on the phone the other day!


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