Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Tish!

Hi Tish, 
Ok, so, as I said in my note in your present, this blog post is part of my Christmas present to you.
You have NO IDEA how long I've spent researching nail art stuff so I could get you things I thought you could use to make great nail art.

Firstly, I got you a set of nail art brushes. Here is a video describing how to use them.
(the good bit starts at 2:06)
You might be confused about why I got you acrylic paints. Well, I got you acrylic paints because that seems to be what a lot of really good nail artists are using. Here is a pretty cool nail artist talking about what paints she uses - her acrylic paints aren't as good a quality as the ones I got you!
With acrylic paints, you can easily mix whatever color you want, and if you mess up you can just wipe it off with water. By the way, the tutorial for the nails she's wearing in this video is here.
A lot of artists also seem to be using paints like Mamita's craft paints, which, unless I am terribly mistaken, are similar enough to the paints I got you to be mixed together if you need more colors. (if Mamita says it's ok. Always ask permission first.)
Ok, now there are two youtube channels you could look through for inspiration. One is Cutepolish (click on the link and keep scrolling down and clicking on '10 more' until you find one you want to watch), she uses all nail polishes for her designs, but there is no reason you couldn't use acrylic paints. One of my favorites of hers is the kiwi nail art, but she has a lot of fun and geeky designs.
Another favorite of mine from this artist is the newspaper nails
If you want to get more fancy, you should try Love4Nails, (once again, click link and keep scrolling down until you see one you like) she uses acrylic paints along with nail polishes and also uses beads and the third thing I sent you- rhinestones. Here is one of her designs that uses rhinestones, so you can see how it's done. This is also a good one for showing how to use the acrylic paints for nail art. 
And I think that's all I've got for you. I hope you can make great nail art and post it on facebook so I can be proud of you!
Your Sister,

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  1. What a great, thought out gift! I've seen those nails on pinterest and only ever thought- wow, I sure couldn't do that! But they are very cool and kinda neat to see how the artist goes to work. Anyway, thank you also for my gift! I've largely stuck to the basic canning that I grew up with, so it'll be fun to branch out and discover some new favorites! And I love fuzzy socks- thanks so much!


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